Our adventure to Zeno Canyon this spring part I

Shootin' the slingshot

Each spring Jack and I go on an adventure. In 2008 we went on the Mojave Road, last year we backpacked on Catalina Island. This year we drove into the Owyhee Canyonlands. Our destination: Zeno canyon.  We got the idea from the book Backcountry Roads of Idaho. 

Zeno Canyon. Our destination.

We invited everyone who might want to go. Scott and his four boys were the ones that came. We camped at Bruneau state park where they have some big ole’ sand dunes and a fishin’ hole.

There is a beautiful grassy, tree-lined campsite named “WagonWheel” and then there is the Equestrian center. Imagine a bleak gravel and sagebrush campsite with vultures circling overhead. I waited to long to reserve a campsite so we had to camp at the equestrian center. We slept across a dusty road from a bin with a sign on it that read “horse waste only”. Lucky for us, the wind was only blowing at 15 to 20 MPH away from the horse waste recepticle. To its credit there was a bathroom. It was a squatters bathroom, those are the bathrooms that you hold your breath while using. I try not to look down into those holes but I always get a glimpse. I can see it in my mind as I write this. YOW.    

My son had never touched a slingshot. We were in the nearby hamlet of Bruneau, Idaho shopping at the fishin’ hole retail establishment and I asked if he wanted to get this (pointing to a box with a photograph of the slingshot on the outside). 

“What is it?” 

“It’s a slingshot” 


“So do you want it” 

“Heck ya” 

Continued tomorrow…

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