The biggest problem with bedtime

Sleeping soundly

It goes fast. That’s what they say. They say it because it’s true. It really goes fast.  

Jack, my son, was only 3 years old in this photo. He’s 9 now. The 6 years that have passed sped by so fast it’s almost like they didn’t even happen. It’s sad to me.  

Photography is like a time travel. It takes you back. Do you ever sift through old pictures feeling sentimental? I do it all the time. 

Photography records details that you could never remember. I read a quote once “the strongest memory is weaker than the weakest ink”.  

Jack still sleeps with that blanket above his head. His hand goes behind his head while he sleeps. He looks mostly the same except his face is longer and his features are more sharp. What’s missing is the little boy that runs into our bedroom to jump in bed with us each morning.  

I get sappy about stuff like this. There was a quote from the movie Finding Neverland that haunts me. “Young boys should never be sent to bed….. they always wake up a day older”.


  1. After I divorced, my ex kept the family photos and stingily has refused to share. My mother recently gave me the photos she had of my sons so I could scan them in. I tell you what, those photos were a tonic. My memories had largely been about the bad in our marriage, but the photos reminded me of all the good.

  2. I know the feeling. Tonic. Great way to describe it. There’s a reason people say they’d save the photos over anything else from their burning house.

  3. Sigh. gr8 article. I love getting lost in old photos & having the memories wash over me like a pepple in a river. Often times I wish that river would slow down. Thank Heaven for photos to pause it for us! ~JW

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