My first advertisment

What kind of business will this get me?

When I was a 24-year-old art school student the realities of business and earning a living were like distant voices speaking a foreign tongue into pillows. I couldn’t hear the indescribable.

Instead of learning about how to generate business I followed my instincts. My instincts told me to use this cute image of my young wife as a business getter. I drew the JB logo and stylized the font with a pencil while watching TV on our couch. This was when you made art “Camera ready”.

Camera ready art meant that it was ready to be photographed and enlarged onto Lithographic film. Once the lithographic film was processed you laid the film on the photo paper in a darkroom to make the exposure. It was complicated and exhaustive but it looked amazing. What I had was home made business flyers on actual black and white photo paper.

None of them were ever distributed. Who was to recieve one?

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