Produce shopping in Puerto Vallarta

Don't ever complain about the produce at Albersons again.

This is a photograph of the produce selection at a market in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It should help you gain an appreciation of what we have in the US.

God bless America. It could use a blessing.

Editors note:

I’ve had considerable response from readers pleading with me to illuminate the fact that this photograph doesn’t represent the whole of Puerto Vallarta produce markets. And although this is a photograph of one  market in Puerto Vallarta there are many other markets there that are robust and impressive.


  1. Ummm, this must have been very hard to find. The regular-sized groceries in Puerto Vallarta have a much wider variety of produce than most US stores. This is likely a picture of the produce collection at the end of the day from a small corner market (think “way smaller than a 7/11”).

  2. That is a pathetic and misleading photo. If that is the only produce market you know, then you don’t know Puerto Vallarta and you are misleading people terribly.

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