Have you heard the latest about…

Jack chats with his friends Josh and Jonah

I can’t remember what they were talking about. Jack was four. His buddies were his age, give or take a few months. I feel that It’s important to show context in a photograph. The surroundings help tell the story. Include them. 

This photo tells a story about three friends at a birthday party. They just finished eating their cupcakes and are chatting about one of their mutual interests before pinning the tail on the donkey.  

What are they talking about?  


Sour Patch Kids?  


Star Wars? 



Whatever it is they are practicing the fine art of men talking about nothing important. 

When Sam and I get together with friends the guys talk about the weather, cars, movies and business. The women talk about rumors, intimacy, childbirth, tales of deep unmet needs and sordid details of financial transactions. 

I try not to listen because the guys perfectly neutral conversation gets compromised with either my friend or I saying “What was that?” “That’s not true.” 

Jack, Jonah and Josh are just beginning their lifelong careers of talking about nothing.


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