Family: Ross at Cabrillo National Monument

Woman of the year

“Out of thin air.” That’s the way a business is created. To get yourself in business all you have to do is think of something that you can sell: Either you time and skill or a product (Like a pencil set) and then build merchandising, pricing, marketing, delivery, and customer service systems surrounding it.

Every part of your business has to be finely crafted if you want it to succeed. It’s not magic. It’s a magic act. It’s a magic act because it requires you to take the risk (scary) and buckle yourself into your own roller coaster (who really trusts themselves?) and do the impossible trick: Succeed. 

Up’s and Downs, ups and downs, ups and downs. Have you ever heard the term “dynamic income”?

It takes severely enhanced courage to actually go into business. Everyone around you “knows” that it’s going to fail or that it’s a bad idea or just laughs at you. As Sylvester Stalone says”anytime you put yourself out there there’s a line of people waiting to cut your head off.”

My big sister, Ross, is up for my woman of the year award because she and her business partner, Annette, have been slugging away at their new business venture “Simply Smashing!” for over a year. They have buckled themselves into their own roller coaster and have kept it going and are seeing success. I guess you could say that Ross is a magician.


  1. wow….can I say this is my favorite post of yours so far?? You rock bro! As far as that award goes….when and where is the “after” party?? BTW…I must say you took a great pic of me!

    One more thing….you know what you’re talking about when you say roller coaster ride!! Talk about the ups and downs…woowee! You’ve enjoyed your own ride too….and here it goes again!

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