Landscape: Ceiling at the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, CA

One of the thousands of details at the Villa


I took Sam on a two day retreat to Pasadena last month. Those two days went by so quickly that now it seems like we were never there at all.  But we were, I have the photographs to prove it. 

One of my favorite times was the visit we made to the Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades. 

The Getty Villa is a museum filled with antiquities. It used to be the residence of J. Paul Getty, a big time oil baron. Now it is a premium quality art museum and admission is free. I think it’s the only free thing in the state of California. 

The architectural details in this place are so complex and replete I doubt any human could ever detect 10% of them. We were passing to an outside sitting area and I was stopped because of a mob-sized crowd of asian tourists and I happen to look up. The ceilings were all exquisitely painted. This was an outside ceiling at the back of the building. 

It’s amazing what a group of architects can do with a meager 100 million dollars. 

Sam yawned after 30 or so rooms of antiquities, I felt tired too so we left.

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