Landscape: Orange tree

Orange Tree

Thinking of Oranges: 

-The first time I saw an Orange tree I had to touch a “live” orange. I couldn’t believe it. 

-Because I grew up in Idaho I never considered where Oranges come from. They come in an Orange plastic mesh bag, right? 

-An orange tree is full blossom is so beautiful. 

-My Grandfather grew up in Lewisville, Idaho. Born in 1915.  He had one sister. For Christmas one year his parents gave him an Orange. That was all. I think of that every year as my kids consume present after present. I give them each a small orange in the toe of their stocking. This Christmas, like every Christmas, I began to tell them why I did that and Bailey said “We know, Dad” and she threw the orange at me. 

-Traditional Oranges have mostly given way to their sexy new replacement aptly named “Cuties”. They are easy to open and so tasty. Even a fruit can be replaced. sad


Photo tips, philosophical data and technical considerations 

Rolleiflex FX Portra 160NC film. 

The color palette of this image is seductive. The cool shadows in the upper portion punctuated by the hot spheres of the orange make a satisfying blend. 

This image illustrates why I love the magic of film. Film, developed over 100 years of trial and error, now ripe and perfect, is hastily being thrown away for a sexier, and easier replacement. I suppose it’s like the “cuties” replacing Oranges. 

– Jon Ball is a photographer living in Boise, Idaho.


  1. John, were there any filters used in this photo, or is that the normal dynamic range of the Rollei? What deep color tones.

  2. i knew how much you loved oranges but i didn’t know why…thanks for sharing! i give my kids an orange in their stocking too….reminder of times past and all that we have!

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