Vintage: My sister Mindy in 1988

Mindy 1988

Younger sisters should be protected by older brothers. If that doesn’t happen then everyone dismisses the older brother as a loser.

In 1988 I got a flash for my camera at the local pawn shop. It was big, black and smelled like a nursing home. I loved it. It made me feel powerful. I spent hours photographing with it.

I got this close up shot of my sister Mindy in the stairwell of our house as we were passing each other. It was dark, you can tell by the size of the irises in her eyes.

“Hey Mindy, look here”


“That was bright! Don’t ever do that again”

“I can’t promise that I won’t”


I developed the negative at school and loved it. It was so rich and contrasty. When I made a print it was weak compared to the negative so I flipped the print over and printed through the paper to make whats called a paper negative. It was an 8×10. My teacher loved it and it graced the display case in the hallway at school.

I didn’t think much about it because it looked so cool. Mindy didn’t like it for some reason.


Photo tips

Don’t ever do this to your delicate high school sister. It might never be forgotten and you will regret it later. Don’t ever put anything like this on a blog either.

-Jon Ball is a photographer who has changed his ways. He is a nice guy, just ask Mindy.


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