Family: Hangin’


Whose got your back? 

Everybody needs someone to watch out for them. Everyone needs someone who’ll laugh at their jokes, help solve their problems and think they’re cool. That person is of really high value if they do it without judgement, conditions or cost. It’s necessary for a happy life.

Bailey is a 11. Jack is 9. Bailey is dependent on Jack to watch her back. She doesn’t act like it and she would deny it if asked but she does. She’s lucky.

One Saturday after housecleaning Bailey slid backwards down the back of the couch while she was playing with her ipod. Jack decided to join the fun. He stayed there listening to her talk about her ipod and laughing at her jokes until she stood up with boredom. What a pal.


Photo tips, philosophical thoughts and technical information

Canon Eos 1n, tri-x film, exposure unknown.24-70mm L series lens. Set at 24mm. Bogen tripod used.

The light coming in from the windows behind the kids in this photograph gives what’s known as rim lighting. The edges of them are traced with light. It is a very effective light if you want to have dimension.

In order to get three dimensionality with your lighting you need three things. A shadow, a midtone and a highlight. Think of when you first saw someone draw a ball with the shadow and highlight. 

-Jon Ball is a photographer living in Boise Idaho with his family. His portraiture is his professional career.

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