Landscape: Palm trees


Palm Tree

Some years ago a fellow photographer friend of mine, Matt Johnson, opened my eyes to a technique in photography that I had been ignoring. That technique is the sillouette.

So one day while walking around Alice Keck Park in Santa Barbara with my Rolleiflex and tripod I made this photograph.

The composition is a diagonal line starting at the two trees on the bottom left, running through the centeral element and finishing at the tree in the upper right hand corner.


Technical information and photo tips

Rolleiflex FX 1/500 sec f.16. Portra 160 vc film.

To achieve the sillouette you will need two things:

1. A bright background

2. An object in front of it

Underexpose the bright background a couple of stops and you are there.

The sky in this image is red because in photoshop I pulled the red over in the color balance tool.

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