Family: Potty training

Potty training

If you have ever attempted to potty train a child you appreciate this photograph. It’s tricky, frustrating and in some cases, amusing.

Lily had a potty chart. She kept it on the wall right next to her “potty”. She was too scared to use the big toilet in the bathrom so we set up shop in my office.

Bailey and Jack found it endlessly interesting to observe Lily’s progress.

Sam was a dutiful mother. She read the book “a potty for me” to Lily to encourage success.

She never went in her potty while it was stationed in my office.


Photo tips, philsophical advice and technical information:

Rollieflex FX portra 160nc film. Exposure unknown

The day that Lily decided to make my office her bathroom I put my camera in place while I waited for the right time for a photograph. I had to strike fast because it would only be a little while before Lily became fully trained.

I had the image composed for just Lily and Mom but then Jack and Bailey joined the action. I pulled the camera back to the corner of the room and a nice composition presented itself.

Balance in the image was achieved through the two groups.

-Jon Ball is a portrait photographer living in Boise, Idaho. His portraits can be found at Thank you for reading photo tips.


  1. I love Bailey’s smile in this photo. It is as if she is reflecting on the times where she went through that and is thankful that it is not her. great shot. I am soooo thankful we are past that phase of life.

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