Family: Grace in the Mornin’

Good Mornin'

We always talk about it, Sam and I.

What a great life it must be to be a 1 year old. Imagine it…sleeping from noon ’til 3PM each day and crying for someone to come pick you up out of bed when you finish.

Grace doesn’t like to be whisked out of bed immediately. She likes to simmer and tease you by standing there with her blanket. I posted about this behavior here. She backed up in her crib when I walked in with my big black camera.


Photo tips, philosophy and technical information:

Shot with Eos 1n 35mm camera. Tri-x film. Exposure unknown. 24mm lens

The 24mm lens is the short end of the 24-70mm Canon L series lens that floats amongst my Canon cameras.  I purchased it new July of 2003 and have used it extensively the last 7 years. It was expensive mine was 1500 dollars new.  I could probably sell it for $800 today. I purchased it with my Eos 1Ds back then.  I paid a steep 8000 dollars for the 1ds. I could maybe sell the 1ds for $800 to $1000 today. Digital cameras become undesirable mighty quick.

This particular lens has just about every single feature that you might wish to have in a lens with it’s zoom range. It’s a little heavy. Thats my only complaint.

Great camera equipment is addictive. Beware the siren song of the camera seller.

-Jon Ball is a portrait photograher living in Boise Idaho. His website is Thank you for reading photo tips.


  1. So as I plummet towards parenthood, do you have a good recomendation for a camera to take shot high quality shots as these? I was set on a D90 but from friends wife told me to go with Canon, I still have my old simple N65 with a 28-105 Nikkor lens, that is why I was going to stick with Nikon, But am open to canon. suggestions? just stick with film? I love digital now, so you can shoot and shoot, but would rather think more and shoot less.

  2. Shoot more and think less. What a unique concept! I like it.

    There are two major disadvantages to shooting film.

    1. The turn around time
    2. The cost

    And advantages:

    1. Prints, digital files and negatives. You have three mediums to use as apposed to just one with digital imaging.
    2. I like the look of film vs. digital.

    There are two major disadvantages to shooting digital.

    1. The up front cost of the equipment
    2. Never having prints or negatives

    And advantages:

    1. Immediate results
    2. Shoot as much as you like. There’s no additional cost.

    I like having actual photographs to look at and file and use. Most (99%) digital photographs never make it out of the hard drive and onto paper. And when you shoot film you have to get actual prints.

    But, you have to buy film, take it to costco and have it processed and scanned. It usually only takes an hour but it’s still not immediate like digital photography.

    As far as digital cameras I like the Nikon’s for daily shapshot use. They are small, well built and sharp. My vote is to purchase 100 rolls of film and processing and forget about the digital camera but I wouldn’t blame you for going for the new exciting digital camera.

  3. […] Recently, Gaylon and I met my daughter-in-law and her sister for lunch at a Taco Bell. There were six children ranging in ages from eleven to almost-two-year-old Gracie who roamed back and forth on the bench behind her sister and cousin while she ate. (Grace is the spitting image of my baby pictures. She has my eyes and smile. When I see her, I am fi… […]

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