Family: Walking to school

Walking to school

Plunging into the abyss. Walking to school in the fog.

Bailey resents the fact that she has to walk her kindergarden sister, Lily, to school each day. Jack just rides his bike.

Maybe someday she’ll soften up when she sees this photograph and realizes how small Lily was and how scary it would have been to walk the foggy road without an older sibling to guide her.


Technical notes, Philosphical reasonings and photo tips

Rolleiflex FX 1/8 second f 5.6. Portra 160NC film.

Scale can make a photograph work. It can make it not work too. Getting the close up shot isn’t always the best approach.

Think in your mind “what am I trying to say with this image”? “Whats the story going on here?”

Every photographer, or person for that matter, sees something different.

I saw two young children walking down into a foggy place. I saw the trees and their harsh, bare branches reaching up and the street light glowing. That street light tells you that it’s either early or late. It’s early here.

-Jon Ball is a portrait photographer who sells formal portraits for a living. He can be found at Thank you for reading photo tips.

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