Residence: Emmett Idaho

Emmett residence #1
Emmett Residence #2
Emmett residence #3
Emmett residence #4
Emmett residence #5

Dwellings fascinate me. One Saturday Joe Oliver and I made our way to Emmett Idaho. Emmett is an old farming town that sits in a valley 30 miles Northwest of Boise. It’s loaded with texture, personality, grit and quiet.

My favorite part was driving around slowly in the old neighborhoods photographing the residences of a few locals. Who lives in these homes? What are their stories? What was under that blue tarp? Why did that guy park on his lawn and not in the driveway?

Does that family really use that push mower? What are their names? What is on their TV right now? Where do they work? Do they work?

The first photograph is a home that exudes pride in home ownership. It also had a very tall antenna. The second just grabbed my eye (hard to explain). The third looks more like a family with kids whose property has declined. There’s a little more desperation in that property. The fourth is a mobile home lot waiting for a new tenant.

I am trying to show you what I saw. Without judgement. The viewer (you) are supposed to inject the questions and answers.

These photograhs are part of a new series that I am working on called Residence. I did a small portfolio late last year in Oak Park Illinois. It’s posted here.


  1. I know House #2, my friends Ryan and Kerry Hale lived there, he is a social worker. and they four boys, one was in my scout troop. good people. I was hoping you might have caught my house but I dont see it.

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