Interview: Joe Oliver

Joseph Oliver

Joe is my Brother in Law. His photography career began last January when he borrowed my Canon 20d during a family reunion in Southern California. He took some fantastic photographs and was smitten. He has continued his photographic passion ever since.

He is one of the few people the only person I know who has taught himself substantial amounts of Photoshop. Photoshop is hard! But he learned it. Now he teaches me tricks that I’ve never heard of.

He just started his own blog with images at

Lenswork, a favorite magazine of mine, used to have a feature called “endnotes” by Bill Jay. It was a collection of writings and opinions regarding photography and photographers. It was my favorite part of the magazine. Sadly, Bill died a couple of years ago which is a stinkin’ shame and the feature ended.

He interviewed photographers for the feature in a question/answer format. I have decided to do my own interviews with the same questions he used.

Joe Oliver……Tell us about yourself

What I do for a living:  Pastor Senior Advisor.
Initially I wanted to be a: To many things to narrow down.  But at one point a firefighter.
My favorite music is:  Anything but Country.
My favorite novel is:  Im a non-fiction guy, so ill say 3rd Century Historian Eusebius’s “History of the Church”.
My favorite movie is:  Mystery Men.
My favorite TV show is:  Lost.
When not photographing I like to:  Play video games with my wife.  (Yes thats right).
My favorite meal is:  My Grandfathers Taco’s.
I am most irritated by:  Dis-order.
For me an influential thinker of the past was:  Irenaeus (2nd Century CE)
A current major influence is:  Ancient Historian Dr. John Dickson.
I get the greatest pleasure from:  My kids.
I am most uncomfortable when:  Asked to share my meal or drink.
My proudest/fondest memory was:  The birth of my two children. 
My last personal purchase was:  A new bedroom furniture set.
The purpose of life is:  To Discover your Purpose within the story that God is telling.

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