Family: Sleeping arangements

This is what happens when you are the nice guy in the family

Jack is a nice guy. He gives up a lot to his sisters. For nearly a year all three kids slept in the same room in order to feel safe  throughout the night. Jack almost always gave up the bed for them.

Every morning I’d wake up and go see which room they ended up in.  Here they are in the guest bedroom.

Where are the sheets?

Jack used to sleep with two stuffed dogs named Rufus and Daddy-doggie. There they are keeping him company on the floor next to the bed.


Technical data, philosophical stuff and Photo tips

Shot with a Canon Eos 1n on Tri-x film. Exposure unknown.

Standing on the foot of the bed to get a good angle on all three kids worked well here. Henri Cartier-Bresson said that photography made up of two decisions: 

 Where to stand and When to shoot.

I guess he is right. But I might add a third. Keep your camera out. I have my Rolleiflex, Canon 1n and my Super 8mm cameras out and on a tripods. Your camera in the bag with its lens cap on is just another hurdle in the progress to your photographic career. Take that lens cap off and make your camera accessible. It’s a simple thing. But the most powerful things are always simple.

-Jon Ball is a professional photograper who specializes in portraits in Boise, Idaho. His portraits can be scrutinized at

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