Family: Partygoers

9th birthday partygoers
Good friends are nice to have. Most of these guys are Jacks cousins and that’s teriffic.
 I wish I knew some of my cousins. I have a lot of them but I never associated with them as a kid. Once you grow up, it’s too late to make any sort of real relationship. Sad.
Look how gray that Idaho wintery sky is.
Once again the cat found it’s way into this photo.
"fun" picture

You have to do a fun picture. Right?

I used my flash (The flippin’ sweet vivitar 285) on a stroboframe and my Rolleiflex fx. Portra 800 film. F/11 60th second.

If I didn’t use my flash these boys would have severe raccoon eyes. The sky was heavy and gray.


  1. Wow…Ethan’s getting tons of face time on your blog! He’s always wanted to be famous…maybe this will do…or maybe not!

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