I can’t help it.    

Whenever I go to a city like Chicago or New York I spend most of my time feeling overwhelmed by the architecture. Maybe its just my being from the west where architecture is mostly an afterthought. I am not accostumed to it. Even living in Southern California doesn’t even come close to visiting these cities. I walk around looking and feeling like a tourist because I am always looking up with my camera.
Chicago city with birds


Whenever I am photographing and a bird flies in the scene I love it. They add so much to any photograph. They were the first thing that you looked at right?

Lake Michigan Skyline


I was struck by the amount of concrete on the shore of Lake Michigan. The sidewalk is some 30 feet wide and goes for miles and miles. Some lucky gangster’s concrete company got the bid for it I suspect. Maybe Al Capone?      

Navy pier


Navy Pier is very, very Chicago. We walked out to the end and looked around. Everything in Chicago is so classic. And big.     

Trump plaza


I had breakfast at a sidewalk diner right across the street from Trump Plaza. I stared at this building my entire breakfast. It is immense. It is so clean and shimmers like a great whale. I was overcome with its presence.         

Another skyscraper


Just another skyscraper in the city.        

John Hancock building


This is the toughest looking building I’ve ever seen. It reminded me of the movie “The Matrix” for some reason. It was phenomonal.   

Chicago resturant


If Chicago is known for anything besides mob stuff it’s the food. It really is that good.  

On the steps of the MOCA


We paid a highly dissapointing visit to the Museum of Contemporary art. I was on my way to a Chicago deep dish pizza. Its more like a pasta dish than pizza to me.       

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  1. […] I love great landscape photography. I always have. I am not suggesting this is a great landscape photograph but I like it. I especially like landscape photography with birds in the sky. I’ve posted about this previously here. […]

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