Camping with youth

Jeff, Chris and I took the boys camping. We are the leaders in the youth program at church.

We went to a beautiful seaside campground in San Diego California named San Elijo Campground.

Camping with these boys ages 12-14 was hilarious.

When we got to the campsite Jeff and I got to work setting up our tents and sorting out things for the evening.

The boys spent their time running around the campground without shoes on.

As night fell dew started forming everywhere. And even though we were right next to the beach the temperature dropped quickly, it got cold! The boys gathered out under the stars on a big tarp like a pile of ferrets. I inquired if they all had what they needed. One of the boys had forgotten his sleeping bag. His plan was to sleep between his two buddies with a hoodie for warmth. I assured him that his plan was not very good. He said “I know, but I’ll still be fine”

One of the boys had extremely bad smelling feet. He pulled his shoes off in the van in the way down and my eyes almost started watering.

All the young men

The next morning we all went surfing. It was a glorious day. Sunny, calm and peaceful.

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