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Currently (July 2018) I am working on four portfolios:

I’ve got a lot of

1. Family

I spend most of my time being a Father. My day starts at 6AM when one of the kids cries and ends at 10PM when the last one walks in with questions about nightlight technicalities.

I believe in careful and diligent documentation of my family life. It helps me deal with the intensity of raising children. I write in a journal daily and  invest 70% of my photographic energy photographing my family.

I use four cameras for this portfolio. My Rollieflex fx, Hasselblad 500CM, Canon Eos 1n (24-70mm lens) and Leica M7 (35mm lens). They sit on on a shelf in my office waiting patiently for a split second of glory. I use them alternately depending on my mood.

I shoot film exclusively with this portfolio. I love the look of film, especially medium format film. Also I love that the negatives are permanent. I also have stacks of photographic prints to sort, look at and touch. I always scan the film for digital use too.

With this portfolio I am attempting to document the daily, normal, overlooked portions of life. I want the images to contain details of life that would normally just go by the wayside.

I don’t know what will become with this portfolio but I know five people who will love it some day.

2. Landscape

My first love in photography was shooting landscapes. I grew up in Idaho and spent days riding my bike around the wilds. It’s in my blood to explore and appreciate the land. I still love it. I started shooting images of mountains, and rivers back in 1988 while in High School and have never stopped.

My current (2007-present) obsession is shooting black and white landscapes with my 5×7 Speed Graphic camera. It was built in the 1920’s. It’s a gorgeous example of wood, leather and steel. I love it’s simplicity. I don’t get to shoot very often but 8 to 10 times a year I spend an hour or two walking on the banks of a river or along a mountain.

I shoot my color landscapes with my Rolleiflex FX.

3. Residence

I like to photograph homes that I find interesting. There’s no formula for this portfolio. I just drive through interesting neighborhoods and wait for the right home to call out to me and then I photograph it. It’s been seriously fun.

I’ve thought about doing this portfolio for years and finally started in September of 2009.

It’s part archeology, curiousity, fascination with architecture and pure joy of the shape of homes projected on my Rolleiflex ground glass.

I shoot all of these with my Rolleiflex.

4. Super 8mm

I have a healthy obsession with Super 8mm movie film. I’ve been shooting the little 50 foot cartridges since 1997 when I took a filmmaking class at Brooks Institute of Photography. I feared for a while that Super 8 might disappear but there has been a major resurgence of the format in the last 5 years. www.pro8mm.com.

I shoot my family, places, weddings and lately some television ads. I am presently finding the best way to present them on the blog.

My main hesitation to putting them on the blog is because I love the flicker of the projected image surrounded with family and friends. We watch them as a family often. Trying to capture  the beauty of the pure quality of the real thing has been frustrating.

It’s expensive and obnoxious to shoot them. They are silent. When I show them to friends they are confused at first. What’s the big deal? After 2 or 3 reels they get it. It’s so cool to have your own movie theatre.

Without sound you focus on the visuals. The facial expressions and the subtlies presented. It’s amazing.