Family: The bed is made

Just following directions

Jack was taught my his Mother how to make his bed. He is supposed to do it each day before going to school. He quickly learned to embellish the process by creating artful presentations of his stuffed animals.

One morning after he left for school I grabbed my Canon Eos 1n and did this picture of the days sculpture. If you click on the image you will see the complexity of his creation.

All you need to create art is a desire to create art.


Photo tips, philosophical information and technical data

Canon Eos 1n, tri-x film, exposure unknown, tripod mounted with 24-70mm Canon L series lens

The light is coming in from the right in this image. It’s a single window facing south. This particular window has thick wooden venitian blinds mounted in it. I like those because I can adjust the intensity of the light and its “harshness”. In this case I really wanted a little harshness so the bed and the stuffed animals have a little shape.

In order to create shape and form you need three things a highlight, a shadow and a midtone. Without these elements it’s difficult to have a professional looking photograph.

-Jon Ball is a portrait photographer who also does photograpy of many other subjects.

Thank you for reading photo tips.

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